Google’s super cryptic page for new developers!!!!

Guys,have you ever heard of this new style of recruitment that is based on your web browsing. Google has made an initiation in the field of recruitment in this style. based on the type of words you search for like “MUTEX LOCK” which is related to the programming language c++. in this passion in many people across the globe they will be monitored and if found that you are worthy.
you will shortly receive a notification from the following web address:- .Screenshot (460)
Even if you try to access that as you aren’t authorized you won’t be allowed any further. Basically, it is a super cryptic page.
Screenshot (459)
How do you get invited? Apparently, by showing an interest and expertise in programming languages like Python through your Google search history, according to commenter’s on Hacker News .
The invitation sent will shortly appear on the search engine page itself in this way inviting you to a challenge which basically comprises of some super mysterious puzzles, etc.
Once if you are invited you will shortly find the screen in this way:googlefoobargooglefoobar-540x334

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