History of the Eye Glasses!!!!!

Guys, it won’t be a exaggeration if it is stated that almost every teen is expected to visit a eye specialist in order to have a check for their eyes for any kind of the problem in their vision. There may be many reasons for the defect in their eyes, but the most approached mode is getting spectacles based on the type of defect.

Have you ever wondered when,why,how and where does this usage of the spectacles began?!!!

people have been using magnification devices to assist with seeing things since at least  Roman times. Seneca the younger(c 4 BCE – 65 CE) allegedly used a glass globe filled with water in an attempt to magnify text in his later years. By 1000, reading stones, similar to what we know as magnifying glasses,were in use, though they were unwieldy and not wearable. Although it is not exactly clear who invented them, eyeglass existed by at least 1268, when English philosopher Roger Bacon first wrote about them.

Eyeglasses offered a practical, portable means of correcting vision. Early offered a practical means of vision. Early spectacles were made of from quartz lenses, but later advances in glass making allowed inventors to pair the optics with lighter frames that could be easily worn.

Johannes Kepler explained the vision as a process of refraction with in the eye. and that people with blurred vision had an optical defect which meant that people that light rays were focussed either in front or just behind their retina –a problem that lenses corrected by redirecting the light.
By the 1780s, Benjamin Franklin, a painter by trade, had created bifocals, allowing those with more than one vision problem to rely on a single set of glasses!!!

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